Steph Davlañtes in San Agustin. Photo by Stephen Eginoire.

This video has been filmed during two dives by Andreas Klocker and Zeb Lilliy in Sump 7 in the Cueva de la Peña Colorada.

A talk by Andreas Klocker, given at the Royal Society of Tasmania, about the recent expeditions to Sistema Huautla, aimed at connecting Sistema Huautla with its resurgence.

A video from the 2017 expedition to the Huautla Resurgence focusing on the diving. Produced by Matt Vinzant.

An edit from our 2017 expedition to the Huautla Resurgence produced by Frasaer Johnston and Andrew Terhell from Crow's Nest Media.

A short video edited by Chris Jewell about the 2016 caving expedition to the Huautla resurgence.

Chris Jewell giving a presentation about the 2013 expedition in San Agustin where both Jason Mallinson and Chris Jewell dived sump 9.

A video of the 2013 expedition to dive sump 9, aka "The Mother of all Sumps", in San Agustin.

A video of the 2012 reconnaissance trip to San Agustin in preparation for the 2013 trip to push sump 9.

Bill Stone, a maverick cave explorer who has plumbed Earth’s deepest abysses, discusses his efforts to mine lunar ice for space fuel and to build an autonomous robot for studying Jupiter’s moon Europa.

A film by Jay Arnold. The 16-mm film was originally released in 1995. The exploration of Sistema Huautla and Cueva de la Peña Colorada, near the Huautla resurgence, up to about 1988. Narrated by Bill Steele.